Startup Sequence Initiated

Real Star Trek Technologies

  • Food Replicator — 3D printed food?
  • Universal Translator — Google translate
  • Tablet Computers — Amazon Kindle and the iPad
  • Holodeck — Augmented Reality
  • Communicator Badge — Drop in on someone in your home with Echo
  • Tractor Beam — Apparently it’s coming

Your Star Trek Team

  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Chief Engineer
  • Medical Officer
  • Communications
  • Pilot
  • Science Officer
  • Head of Security
  • Captain the Chief Executive. Few decisions made by this person alone, great CEOs merely make the tough calls and leave the real leadership to the leaders most capable of the work to be done. Always advised, Jean Luc had Deanna Troi, Janeway turned to Tuvok, and Kirk looked to Spock and McCoy, the Captain leads us into undiscovered country but none of it is possible without the people who get the ship there.
  • Commander — Referred to in the show as Number One for a reason, the Commander of Federation ships leads everyone. Evident in Voyager as Tom Paris, the ship’s pilot, goes off the rails (later discovered to be intentional so as to plant him as a spy), Commander Chakotay attempts to handle the challenge of his insubordination. And it’s the Commander who could have been in charge or the Voyager crews’ return home, had it been the Maquis ship instead that survived. “Commander, you have the help.”
  • Chief Engineer — Being the “engineer,” it might be quick to presume this person embodies your CTO or VP Engineering; but that’s not the consideration that I think applies. The Chief Engineer is your head of Revenue. Cash flow is king in a business and on starship, those warp coils has better keep energizing dilithum antimatter particles.
  • Medical Officer — Continuing with the the analogies that stretch our imagination, our Medical Officer is the CFO / Bookkeeper. Someone is unable to accomplish what we need done, something is broken, we need the resources to get it fixed. And this ship, with the licenses, patents, and taxes to need to file, needs to stay healthy so that we can keep moving forward. And by the way, like the Holographic Doctor of the Voyager, early as a business, this person isn’t needed around as much; hopefully though, your Doctor isn’t as teetotal-ling as McCoy.
  • Communications — What is it really that Nyota Uhura and Hoshi Sato accomplish most for our ship? Business Development. They know the various humanoids, and other aliens, throughout the Universe and they enable the conversation of support while alleviating the challenge of conflict.
  • Pilot — Moving the ship forward in the right direction starts and ends with Promotions, Placement, Public Relations, and what it takes to get there. Aspects of Marketing, too many starships favor the Pilot without the Science Officer who knows the risks and rewards of where to go. Without the Pilot, you’re not moving; but with the Pilot alone, you might be moving in the wrong direction.
  • Science Officer — Marketing. How does your venture KNOW how to proceed? The work of the market starts and ends with the science of studying the universe in which you work and experimenting with opportunities before you. “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” “Change is the essential process of all existence.” Marketing.
  • Head of Security — Who protects your work when challenged by competitors? The efficiency and tough decisions made by Operations. That might be evident in a Chief Operations Officer or it might be as simple as, at this point, having that CRM and infrastructure in place to be familiar with your team, customers, competitors, and investors so that you aren’t caught off guard.



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