Justifying Analytics — How Every Business Knows What to Do

“The bottom line is that,” adds Fine, “without basing decisions on data, you are simply guessing. Typically, this results in many losses and a few wins. All in all, a huge waste of time and resources.

From my experience, if you aren’t moving up and to the right, you are headed for failure, and this should resonate with just about anyone that has interest in the business.”

Knowing What Matters

What are the objectives everyone should be driving?

  • How many customers have we acquired?
  • How much do they purchase?
  • What is our overall profitability?
  • Where do we get more of those who are ideal?
  • Is this message about our value proposition more effective than that message?
  • People can’t click on a billboard or radio commercial so what impact did it have?
  • We spent time at that conference in Detroit, how many people did we impact?
  • How and where might we upsell?
  • From where are customers referring others?
  • What is the frequency of audience engagement and how might we increase it?
  • How quickly are we learning from and changing our approach to the top of the funnel? What are we learning, good and bad, to change the efficiency of what we’re doing to reach and influence more?
  • How quickly are we learning from and changing the bottom of our funnel? From our sales process to our online conversion form, what are we learning every day that improves our conversion rate?
  • How are we aggregating data to accelerate adoption?
  • What have we learned that determines where we go next?
  • Are we identifying and removing what doesn’t work well and replacing it quickly with alternatives?



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Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien

CEO of MediaTech Ventures, CMO to #VC, #Startup Advisor. I get you funded. Father, marketer, author, #Austin. @seobrien & @AccelerateTexas. https://seobrien.com