How do you convince someone to join your pre-revenue startup as an employee, advisor, or board member?


The fact is end of the day, three things matter, period:

  1. Outcome. Can this exit? Will it? No ROI for investors, no investors.
  2. Competitive Advantage. Can you develop and maintain a market? If you lose to competitors, no investors.
  3. Team. When all else fails, this can overcome the challenges in the first two cases.

Start, right now, with 4 simple things:

insider secret: because customers are usually wrong — you do the interviews to figure out what NOT to do and you do marketing to figure out what TO do



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Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien

CEO of MediaTech Ventures, CMO to #VC, #Startup Advisor. I get you funded. Father, marketer, author, #Austin. @seobrien & @AccelerateTexas.