In the early iterations of the internet, back in the era of AOL, Yahoo!, and Altavista, there were two major events in the United States that defined the cycle of the annual calendar, business development, and were considered in product releases. In March, Silicon Valley found it’s way to Austin, Texas, for SXSW, and to hear from and connect with visionary ideas, creatives, professionals, and brands in the then converging world referred to as Interactive. And in January, preceding the trip to Austin, much of the internet found it’s way to Las Vegas, for the Consumer Electronics Show.

In my…

Opportunity Resulting in Opportunity.

You know that licking of your lips and grasping at air that one does when trying to put in to words a dream. How you think through, as you’re talking with someone, something you just can’t quite simplify. What I’m thinking about is not a dream but a vision. Something magical is happening by way of Austin, Texas and to see it, it seems, requires dreaming; having your head in the clouds so as to look down on everything from 30,000 feet.

One of the world’s most respected electronic music producers of modern times leads artists and musicians by example, supporting new talent and crossing over as is critical in media today, as a brand, advisor, and innovator in gaming, e-sports, and other collaborations.

deadmau5 is on connecTed, with Ted Cohen, Wednesday, and in anticipation, I was curious about all keeps Joel ZImmerman Joel Zimmerman busy.

Known professionally as deadmau5, Canadian electronic music producer and DJ, Zimmerman is celebrated for his progressive house music and techno (often under the alias Testpilot). He’s received six Grammy Award nominations for his work.

“Wearing masks and/or headgear is one way that DJs and performers have long adopted the guise of anonymity throughout dance music history. Consciously or…

"Gaming Takeover: Gaming technology and culture is infiltrating nearly every aspect of society and business from fashion to music to politics to medicine and education. Almost one third of the planet plays some form of games making this a trend no one can ignore."

Love that observation. Was in a discussion just the other week in which we were discussing how at some point, we need to blur/blend the distinctions of gaming, immersive, esports, & streaming. It's all converging to really just be our digital experience with media consumption - events, concerts, movies, games...

Okay okay… so the snap your fingers and half the population disappears isn’t the right analogy for the mission you have as an entrepreneur to improve the world (or is it….?). My head and heart are frequently drawn to stories evolved from culture, that help us appreciate what it takes to start a venture.

We can’t escape the fact that founders often wish a snap of their fingers would get that product done, that funding in the door, or that deal to close. …

photo: “Idea Bulb” by qisur

Looking to the future, and emerging from the quarantined haze of 2020, Andreessen Horowitz’s Margit Wennmachers announced that they would be, “building a new and separate media property about the future that makes sense of technology, innovation, and where things are going.”

Building upon their existing network of podcasts, a16z (Andreessen Horowitz), one of Silicon Valley’s illuminated venture capital firms, welcomed Sriram Krishnan to the team just days ago, bringing in-house as a Partner, one of social media’s most well-regarded professionals.

We want to be the go-to place for understanding and building the future, for anyone who is building, making…

[Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash]

Working with startups and companies as we do, we see a great [too] many that seek to promote before being ready: Running AdWords with a terrible website, sponsoring events while lacking Google Analytics, or starting YouTube videos without a landing page to convert interest.

Since the dawn of the internet, engaging forms of media, as basic as blog posts or forums, have given us a glimpse into where to find interested and participating audiences; but in this early-2021 era of questioning social media, I fear we’re going to lose sight of the benefits of connected media, as we raise ire…

Nothing, it happens all the time. Yet, the question is common, frequently asked; begging a question its own — what are startups struggling with that they think that foreign investors won’t invest?

Start with this appreciation: investing in startups is the riskiest use of capital, in the world. Gambling at a casino is more likely to win.

Most founders overlook this and jump to the conclusions that “good business” = due funding.

No matter how great your business, 90% of startups fail, 74% of funded startups fail, and 54% of businesses fail in 5 years (if not sure the difference…

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